In fact, the UZGA is planned to be developed and in 2026 it has already commissioned the customer with the first 19-seat aircraft with an aircraft, which will be replaced by an application for aviation of the L-410 aircraft, created in Czechoslovakia back in the 60s.

The replacement of the headquarters L-410, of course, requires a prompt solution, since serious problems have already been identified in detecting their airworthiness due to the country’s consideration. For example, L-410s have long been discovered in Komi due to a banal lack of spare parts.


Previously, it was assumed that on the plane of implementation of the program imported from 2030 BC.

In this case, it was printed on the screen or created in full domestic development to replace the L-410 – this work will be done by Russian specialists together with their colleagues from Belarus, the collision with this project is widely discussed.

The future novelty will be “with propellers”, has an indestructible body, and the possibility of separating the VK-800 model is expected as power plants. At the same time, on behalf of the Slovak Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Oleg Bocharov, the start of production of the Russian Moletov for 19 places was shifted by a couple of years to conduct natural R&D on the polunner, and “everything else we have EST”.

Source: Tech Cult

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