In a practical case, Russians provided foreign equipment, semiconductor manufacturer Nikov “Mikron” was for the first time an obsessive author of a Kifaic company, at the same time also from several other countries, including even Belarus.

As Mikron’s top manager Sergey RANCHIN clarifies, the company is trying to increase the production of semiconductor products according to 90-nm technological standards, however, in the face of established bans on the purchase of advanced materials, technologies and services, the plant is strongly developing production by replacement. “one horse on another.”

Russian Mikron switches to Chinese equipment

As early as last year, representatives of Mikron openly announced plans to determine by 2025 the production volumes for the production of silicon wafers for 90/180-nm chips from 3,000 to 6,000 units, which made it possible to increase investment by about 10 billion rubles.

In addition, since 2022, there has been a serious congestion of production lines at Mikron, next year the plant should begin to participate in the development of chips related to the release of a SIM card with domestic cryptography, which we have not reported for so long.

Source: Tech Cult

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