The Ministry of Industry and Trade, the government of the Yaroslavl region and the Japanese corporation Komatsu are discussing the possibility of restarting the production of special equipment at a plant in Yaroslavl. Earlier, the regional authorities announced the total suspension of the company.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade plans to restart production at the Komatsu plant in Yaroslavl

“LLC Komatsu Manufacturing Rus reserves its obligations to support customers and also continues to locate the component base necessary to restart production processes,” the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade told Interfax.

The department noted that together with the government of the Yaroslavl region and the plant management, they are working on options for restarting production, as well as on the “soon employment of the company’s specialists.”

In the spring of 2022, Komatsu announced the suspension of deliveries to the Russian Federation and production at its Yaroslavl plant. However, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Komatsu Manufacturing Rus (owned by a Japanese corporation) continued its work.

“Products continued to be produced, only the volumes of their production were adjusted,” the ministry said.

Earlier, the administration of the Yaroslavl region announced that Komatsu Manufacturing Rus would suspend production of special equipment and reduce staff by 300 people. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce explained this decision with “greater sanctioning pressure.”

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Ahmed Sadulayev

Source: RB

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