Tech bloggers on the Executioner portal recommend that Russians using iPhone X upgrade their smartphone to a new model, since Apple stopped supporting this popular model in iOS 17. Apps become incompatible with older versions of iOS over time, so sooner or later users will come to that conclusion anyway.

According to bloggers, the best alternative to the iPhone X will be the iPhone 13 series, the price is not much different from the previous model and sometimes even the same. This will be a good upgrade option for users.

However, bloggers recommend avoiding the iPhone XR and 11 models, as the difference with the iPhone X is minimal. In addition, you should not choose the iPhone 12 because of its high cost and because the production of this generation has stopped. According to the authors, with the iPhone 13, users will be able to experience improvements in performance, photo and video capabilities, case strength, screen brightness and Face ID speed.

Source: Ferra

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