HeadHunter has launched a labor market analysis service for Russian regions. It can be used to obtain statistics on a variety of parameters, for example, to assess competition for jobs or demand dynamics in the desired market segment.

HeadHunter launched a labor market analysis service for Russian regions

HeadHunter has launched a service with which you can get analysis on a variety of labor market parameters in specific regions of Russia. HeadHunter told about the launch of the service.

Anyone can use the service, it will be more useful for employers and job seekers. The presented statistics will help to assess the competition for jobs, the dynamics of demand in the desired market segment, compare trends in Russian regions and professional areas.

The analytical statistics are based on data from the HeadHunter database, which contains around one million active job openings and 60 million resumes.

“This volume allows you to get truly unique information about the national team situation in Russia, which we provide completely free of charge,” HeadHunter noted.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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