The Cortex-X4 performance core will provide a 15% performance boost. This performance includes 2MB of L2 core cache and ARM-v9.2.

The new Cortex-A720 workload core is interesting in that you can tune the core to have exactly the same footprint as the A78. This will give you the opportunity to take full advantage of ARM-v9.2 and increase performance by 10x.

There will also be the Cortex-A520, the energy efficiency core. It will allow you to get 8% higher performance while using 22% less energy.

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As a result, overall, Cortex-X4 will give you 15% more performance, Cortex-A720 will give you 20% more energy efficiency for sustained performance and faster gaming, A520 will give you 20% more energy efficiency. A510.

The GPU will be a G720. Its average efficiency increased by 15% and its peak performance by 15%.

More about all this – in the pictures above.

Source: Ferra

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