Operating system unveiled on Monday iOS 17 received not so much discussion and interesting innovations.

We have already covered the first experience of the launch and all the new functional systems, and are currently developing the Teams applications for iOS reporting in more detail.

To the point: How to install iOS 17 right now. Instruction


There are new triggers for triggering automations.

1.Display. The action will handle attaching or detaching an external monitor. The option is available only on iPad and allows you to activate security profiles or applications that are necessary when working on an external display.

2. Transactions. This event allows you to activate the scenario after conquering the territory on the selected map in Apple Pay. In a broad sense, this option is suitable for us.

Added a new setting for automatic triggering of automations.

3. In previous versions of iOS, error detection without confirmation was configured in the last step. For this, a toggle switch is used Ask before launch. IN iOS 17 the option is configured when you select an action. The following options are available to choose from: Run after confirmation or Immediate launch. In the second case, the usual toggle switch Notify permission.

4. Some triggers that were previously detected only after confirmation, in iOS 17 got the ability to activate activation. For example, an incoming action, an email with a specified text or from a selected sender, a connection to a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth accessory.

Added 5 new actions for managing SIM cards in iPhone:

5. Finding the right SIM card. The action is required to search for cards from the list of search moods.

6. Activating the selected SIM card. You can choose one of the physical or eSIM settings per stream.

7. Specify the SIM card as the main one for calls or the Internet. The team can change the use of the “sim card”, through which you can go to calls or network traffic.

8. Set the number for the selected SIM card. change parameter value Roaming for the selected rate.

9. Reset cellular data statistics. The action resets the displayed statistics of transmitted and received traffic.

With this set of actions, you can arbitrarily switch between cards, choose the default one for conversations or the Internet, or simply turn them off according to specified conditions.

There is a command for hotspot management:

10. Get hotspot password. Reads the parameter value for a point.

eleven. Set hotspot password. Sets a new value for points.


12. New action look for saved password in a bunch of keys iCloud. This is convenient when you often enter a password on external devices or use a two-factor authentication code on your iPhone.

13. Added action for getting a list of recently imported records in the application Photo.

14. A dedicated team can create a photo from the received text or web links.

15. The new action allows transcribe audio file into text.

16. Browser Safari using the ambulance command, you can now read the contents of the page using the voice assistant Siri.

11 new actions can be configured for automation applications at once Watch.

17. Search for an alarm. Use select one or more alarms according to the given filter.

18. Delete alarm. The most anticipated action previously created in automations, alarms appeared automatically from apps or via Siri.

19-27. Now it is possible to automate the stopwatch and timer in the application Watch.

Stopwatch start.
stopwatch stop.
Cut off measurement.
Reset stopwatch.

Start timer.
Resume timer.
Timer Replacement.
Pause timer.
Get timer activity.

28. There is a new widget to run the ambulance team at the desktop. This is a regular panel of 2×2 icons, divided into two parts. This widget allows you to save some space on the placement of tiles on your desktop.

29. New little widget to run automation commands added to the lock screen.


thirty. A little interface changed window for adding actions to the command. There is a choice of a ready-made team or the creation of a new one.

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