Rostec has developed an unpressurized regulator housing for Russia’s Earth sensing satellites Kondor-FKA.

Its Managing Director, Andrey Silkin, said that this decision makes it possible to increase the service life of the product four times compared to pressurized spacecraft – from three to five years to 10-12 years, and to increase the internal volume of the satellite by 15%. the case of ORPE Tekhnologiya that developed it. According to him, the new technology has no analogues, neither in Russia nor abroad.

The “Kondor-FKA” case protects the equipment from environmental influences and maintains the temperature necessary for its operation in non-hermetic conditions, without collapsing from collisions with space debris, unlike its hermetic counterparts.

In addition, ONPP Technologiya has developed a device rod that rotates the antenna and a stabilizer for the antenna itself for the satellite.

The first radar device “Kondor-FKA” was launched into orbit on 27 May.

Source: Ferra

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