Celebrities and international athletes have announced the opening of the Oura Ring and have been publicly announcing it for several years now. Many have heard about this ring, but so far only a few have worn it. The history of the accessory began on Kickstarter. Now it is considered a serious competitor not only to fitness bracelets, but even to the Apple Watch.

I ordered my wife Cheers Ring 3, now the most numerous generation of rings. With her experience, we will describe this overview of the capabilities of a hype device, and at the same time – the answer to the question of who might need it.

By all appearances that was expected junk and surprised how much different data shows such a small contraption. And I am also surprised by how long it works without recharging.

How and where did the Oura ring come from?

Co-founders of Oura Health.

Oura ring was once created by a startup Oura Health from Finland. Like many other projects, the first version was placed on Kickstarter back in 2015.

At that time, few people took the idea seriously: it was difficult to communicate that a full-fledged activity tracker could be placed in such a small ring. It is also impossible that a ring with such functionality could be dozens of other startups, and all of them either went bankrupt or disappeared with well-known orders.

Today, Oura Health is a multi-billion dollar company, and its flagship and only product, Oura Ring, is no longer a kickstarter rattle. It is worn by world celebrities, professional athletes, recommended by the NBA and praised by the most ordinary people.

Who wears the Oura ring from celebrities


Kim Kardashian, Prince Harry, Jennifer Anniston, Gwynette Ptroelu, Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter), cyclist Lance Armstrong and many others.

The ring has also been repeatedly mentioned and featured in popular Western films and detective stories. Of the relatively recent episodes – in the series “And just like that”, the sequel to “Sex and the City”.

In general, the thing is popular. So much so that last year the fashion house “collapsed” with accessories Guccireleasing a limited edition Oura Ring in the signature three and a half lane design.

The Oura ring has never been sold in Russia. But recently, an option has appeared to buy it with delivery throughout the country, as well as order a fitting.

How to order Oura Ring 3 in Russia

I like the process from the usual purchase of an Apple Watch or a fitness bracelet, simply because the ring is the most personal device. The above types of types can be tightened more tightly and generally fine-tuned the size for you. With a ring, such a number will not work.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to order a fitting of Oura Ring 3 first. It is worth 500 rubles. You will receive a special branded set, which includes 8 full-size samples of all sizes of rings. You try them on in the courier, find the most suitable option and remember the size.

You should not start this step, even if you can name the usual size of a regular ring that fits your fingers. Oura Ring is thicker than them, and it is desirable to leave it on around the clock, even in a dream, when the fingers of many people swell a little. Therefore, a sample of the ideal size when trying on should be easy to put on – not fly off, but also not fix too much.

Wife fit size number 7. After trying on, I ordered a ring in a black glossy design. If before that you ordered a fitting, as we did, the 500 rubles spent on it were “returned” to you, the same discount on the ring.

What’s included with Oura Ring 3

In the box, in addition to the titanium ring, it weighs about 5 grams – a USB to USB-C cable and a magnetic stand-dock for charging the ring. It has guides so as not to accidentally insert the ring on the wrong side, and an LED.

Please note that there is no power outlet charger. You can use any of the ring you already have, the simplest power supply is enough.

The ring can be put on and applied immediately after unpacking, but the application will ask you to fully charge it first. Fortunately, this happens very quickly.

How to use the Oura 3 ring

There is no display and no speakers in the ring. Therefore, control and monitoring is possible only through a proprietary application for smartphones – Oura. It is also in Russian stores: here in the App Store, but in Google Play. He does not speak Russian, only English.

When first created, you will spend approximately 10 minutes on primary activity and creating an Oura account. If you suggest using the iPhone app, it automatically pulls in basic data from the built-in Health app.

Indicates additional information, the purchase of rings (a solid home screen is configured for it), types of physical activity.

After that it starts 10 day ring formation period. You just carry it and don’t take it off. Until it ends, Oura Ring 3 will not display data from sensors. For example, there will be no sleep phases and body temperature.

This is done to achieve high measurement results. The temperature sensor in the Apple Watch Series 8 is similar.

After 10 days, all the functions and possibilities of the ring are opened. Now you just wear it and it transmits data to the app on your smartphone. If the smartphone is not nearby, the data is transferred, nothing will be lost. By the way, an application is required for the work to be done. subscription at $6 per month, payment falls on the period of the cards.

The application will adjust the temperature for you, how well (or badly) you slept, when it would be ideal to fall asleep today, if it is worth playing sports today, whether there is a suspicion that you are sick (the temperature has risen), notifies you by the menstrual cycle (if any) and so on. For details – visit and evaluate the statistics of changes in health status, recommendations and options.

Important: Oura Ring 3 can be worn around the clock. That is, never shoot at all. It is allowed to swim, shower, sleep, run. It is completely completed.

Battery Life sustainability, is from 3 to 7 days depending on how many additional features you activate. The most “demanding” is monitoring the level of oxygen in the blood, as in modern Apple Watch models. The influence of the rest is insignificant.

For example, the wife charges the ring every 5 days. The low battery notification comes from the Oura app. Full charge time is from 20 to 80 minutes, that is, no more than one and a half hours.

What data does Oura Ring 3 show?

Activity, calories, steps. Oura Ring 3 is not positioned as a fitness tracker, but it is also endowed with maximum functions. The ring counts the calories burned during the day, the number of steps, the number passed. Also, keep track of how often you train, follow the schedule of sports activities and how much you recover from them. It even shows you how active you are at different times of the day based on calorie burn and accelerometer data.

On the basis of all this ring exposes you Activity score – that is, fast activity. Such a motivator to achieve more, but without pressure. This is not an Apple Watch that kicks several times a day until you reach your calorie limit.

Sleep, phases and ideal time to fall asleep/wake up. Sleep tracking in Oura Ring 3 is one of the best among all wearable gadgets. The amount of data that is recorded during sleep easily bypasses both the Apple Watch and some Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets.

The graphs in the Oura application are super-detailed, they are assigned data on body temperature, respiratory rate, and it is divided into more types than through the same Apple watch. In addition, the circle suggests the moments of falling asleep and waking up, based on the collected data. Sort of like a smart alarm clock.

readiness. This is an unusual Oura setting not found on the Apple Watch. readiness (roughly speaking, “readiness”), signals as a percentage quality physiological state at the outgoing moment. The higher the “ready” percentage, the more appropriate it is to be physically active at the moment and the better you touch yourself.

According to his wife’s opinion, Our opinion is quite acceptable with her own. Appointments readiness at the level of 50% and below, what you want is to train, at 85% – vice versa.

Menstrual cycle, body temperature. Calendar, ovulation, predicting her cycle due to the base temperature of the body (including volume in a dream), a complete set of essentials.

Notifications from this subsystem cover the coverage of particularly useful topics that cover the covering diseases. Officially, the manufacturer does not report this, of course. But my wife was told that her body temperature had inexplicably increased – 18 hours before she felt like she really had a cold.

All data collected by the rings is correctly logged in the built-in application Health on an iPhone. If you also wear an Apple Watch or other tracker with integration into the Apple ecosystem, then together with the ring you can adjust the change in a significant number of large health indicators, as well as have several “points of view” from different devices – which is useful, because not a single modern tracker controls achieves 100% measurement accuracy.

Compared to the Apple Watch, there is a difference in the data: Oura Ring 3 counts more or less calories, and sleep indicators are not at all similar to those that Apple watches draw. Which of them to trust is a difficult question, as well as the scientific justification for such graphs and measurements in general. But if there was information about rings and, perhaps, nonsense that is sometimes bought from Xiaomi Mi Band, then these are completely different universes, where a Chinese bracelet is akin to a rattle.

To whom love Oura Ring 3

After 3 weeks of testing Oura Ring 3, my wife said this: she likes. Can be worn with Apple Watch. It is convenient to work out and sleep with the ring. There is a lot of data, especially on sleep, which she has been complaining about for a long time. The cycle is well controlled. You rarely need to recharge.

And most importantly, that you are not pulled to do sports, to consume calories. Friends asked what it was on the hand. The ring is big. Interested, googled.

I think that Oura Ring 3 is equally suitable not only for women, but also for men, you need an unobtrusive way to get data on the quality of sleep, the best time to fall asleep, as well as training recommendations along with daily activity statistics. The price may scare someone away, but Oura Ring 3 is made in the ring format in terms of the quality of software and accessories, neither in Russia nor in the world simply does not exist.

You can buy the Oura 3 Ring in Russia from 39,990 rubles. Colors – black matte and black glossy, silver, gold (two shades). There are fully round models, they are a little more expensive.

By the way! Now by promo code iPhones you can get discount 2000 rubles on any ring.

PS The Oura app has recently received a big update: now you can collect statistics with friends who also appear in Oura Ring.

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