Dmitry Komissarov, the founder of MyOffice, created the venture fund Strigo Capital to invest in IT startups. The F + coach Alexey Melnikov and Vladimir Kornev and the former deputy governor of St. Petersburg Eduard Batanov became his partners. For the year they plan to attract 3 billion rubles for venture projects.

The founders of MyOffice and F+ tech created an investment fund

“Strigo Capital” is created in the format of a Closed-End Investment Mutual Fund (CPIF). Other representatives of the IT industry are also involved in the project, but who exactly is not specified, Vedomosti writes.

Dmitry Komissarov will be in charge of finding promising projects, Alexey Melnikov will be responsible for business model verification and corporate financial audit, and Eduard Batanov will be in charge of developing operational activities.

  • In 2022, the Russian IT venture investment market showed a significant decline, investments decreased by 57%, the number of transactions decreased by 56%. The software development sector attracted the most funds, investments totaling $449.35 million, the HR technology segment. H H. (HR & WorkTech) received $425.67 million, investments in the field of cybersecurity amounted to $251.5 million, in projects in the field of telecommunications – $192.6 million


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Source: RB

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