A new product from Zoom – Zoom IQ is presented by developers as a “smart companion” that runs on generative and artificial intelligence and allows the company’s product to compete under its own name with competitors – Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Zoom IQ Introduces CoVESPE Features The company promises to add five more features to the list in the future. This technology is an achievement of Zoom’s expected proprietary language models (LLMs).

The product is of interest to a predominant number of users who could not take part in one or another online stretch. The first feature is a smart assistant built to sum up the quotes, which can be disclosed via chat t Scale and rotate via email.

The second feature is familiar to users of the mocking ChatGPT, Bard, and other AI products. With its help, employees can generate job postings on the topic under discussion, as well as significantly increase the texts of speeches.

The next option would be to compose emails that are context sensitive for meetings and phone calls. Not on the Zoom platform. After the presentation, a trial version of Zoom IQ will be available to some owners of Russian-speaking accounts.

Source: Tech Cult

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