immersive look This is one of the most exciting AI-powered features that Google has unveiled at this year’s I/O conference. New Feature Google Maps It has been designed to explore different cities and landmarks like never before. And the good news is that from today it will expand its presence in Europe.

From now on, Google Maps Immersive View can be used in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dublin (Ireland), Florence and Venice (Italy). But not only that, as the mapping platform also adds over 500 new iconic places in Spain and around the world which can also be “visited” thanks to this technology.

This is definitely really interesting. Especially now that summer is here and vacation planning is starting. Users can take advantage of Google Maps’ immersive browsing not only to navigate specific enclaves, but also to get important data for planning a visit, such as the weather or the busiest.

Among the new Spanish sites that now integrate the immersive browsing feature are Cathedral Mosque of Cordoba, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, ​​Prado National Museum or Plaza Mayor in Madrid. Meanwhile, football fans can take advantage of Google Maps to take a look at legendary stadiums such as Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu or FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

How Google Maps Immersive Viewing Works

For immersive viewing of Google Maps, the developers from Mountain View have created mix of AI with satellite imagery, street view and computer vision. This allows you to have a unique panorama of cities or enclaves where this feature is available.

So, for example, if you decide to visit the Sagrada Familia, you just need to find it on Google Maps. An immersive view will appear on the information card of the place along with photos, addresses, tickets, comments and other information of interest. You just need to touch the first video to fly over the site and from there you can swipe your mobile screen to explore it in detail.

In addition, the option “Time and Time” This will allow you to see the weather and public attendance in real time. Or get access to weather forecasts or the influx of people depending on the day or time of day. It’s worth noting that the immersive browsing animation will either adapt to the time specified by the slider (such as morning, afternoon, or night) or show the weather forecast. If showers are forecast for a certain time, it will be graphically reflected in this feature of Google Maps.

Other news

The immersive view is not the only novelty in Google Maps. The California-based company also revealed that the expected ones are coming soon to iOS and Android. “visible signs”. What this option does is display data, such as the next turn on the route or the estimated time of arrival, directly on the mobile phone’s lock screen or in the route overview. Previously, this information was only visible in navigation mode.

On the other hand, Google Maps is also improving its desktop web version. Will be added soon “recent” section which will work as a sort of story accessible from the sidebar. This function will automatically save the sites that we viewed last time in the list. This will be very helpful for those who want to plan a trip and want to quickly access the places they have explored on a mapping platform.

Source: Hiper Textual

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