Miratorg, Vkusno-i Tochka and the Oryol region have agreed to build a potato production plant, according to a press release from the fast food chain. Investments in the project are estimated at 11.8 billion rubles over two years.

Miratorg and Vkusno-i Totka agreed to build a potato plant for 11.8 billion rubles

The parties signed an agreement on the construction in the Orel region of a complex of buildings and structures for the deep processing of potatoes and the production of French fries and hash brown potato fritters.

A joint venture (JV) between Miratorg and the Vkusno-i Tochka network will appear in the Mtsensk district on the territory of the Orel Special Economic Zone. It will annually produce up to 100 thousand tons of finished products.

The joint venture will supply products to Vkusno-i Tochka companies, as well as other HoReCa segments. Potatoes of specially selected varieties grown by the Miratorg farm will serve as raw material for the production of products. The raw material base for processing is estimated at 250 thousand tons of potatoes per year.

Miratorg will also invest more than 1 billion rubles in creating a seed potato fund. The breeding project is planned to be implemented on the territory of the Kaliningrad, Bryansk and Tula regions.

The launch of the joint venture is scheduled for the second quarter of 2025. The production cycle at the new plant will take into account all the particularities of potato harvesting, processing and storage. The plant will produce several types of finished products: French fries, potato wedges, potato bars, hashbrowns, and other types of products.

  • Miratorg and Vkusno-i Tochka agreed to build a plant for the production of frozen French fries and potato wedges in December 2022. The investment amount and construction site were not announced previously.
  • In July last year, Vkusno, and that’s it, faced difficulties in the supply of potatoes. Some newly opened restaurants did not have French fries on the menu, and some establishments did not have rustic potatoes. The outages were associated with a year of potato shortages in Russia.


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