Microsoft shares rose 3.2% after forecasting annual AI revenue of $10bn, Azbuka Vkusa started producing ready meals for Russian airlines, the number of sellers on Russian AliExpress dropped 27% and other news on June 16.

Meals on board Azbuka Vkusa, Russian AliExpress loses sellers: the main thing on June 16


  • Microsoft shares rose 3.2% on June 15, 2023 to close at $348.1. Stocks started to grow after AI’s annual revenue forecast of $10 billion.


  • The Ministry of Labor did not support the introduction of the six-day period in Russia. Providing for a six-day work week in the Labor Code was previously proposed by “business patriots”. The department believes there is no such need, current legislation allows flexibility in forming a work schedule. According to Minister Kotyakov, the processing must be paid separately.

  • The advertising manager vacancy became the leader in the growth of offered salaries, in the spring the increase was 68% compared to the winter period. Higher salaries were also offered to actors, tutors, and promoters. In Moscow, the offered salaries increased more seriously among translators, in St. Petersburg – among bartenders and photographers.

  • In 2023, during the SPIEF, the demand for five-star hotels in Saint Petersburg fell by 42% compared to last year. More than half of the delegates (55%) decided to stay in four-star hotels. The most expensive was the accommodation of a representative of the mining and manufacturing industry in a five-star hotel, four nights cost 1.8 million rubles.


  • The head of VTB, Andrey Kostin, called the purchase of Yandex at the indicated price ($ 7-7.5 billion) inappropriate. He also said that since they are trying to sell the company without the discount provided for the exit of foreign investors, then it is necessary to transfer it to external management, following the example of the Finnish company Fortum.

  • Promsvyazbank is going to launch a Women’s Investment Shop, which would help women invest in businesses, said Vera Podguzova, a senior vice president of the bank. The PSB believes that women now need to be supported with more financial education.

  • Azbuka Vkusa started producing ready meals for the Russian airlines Rossiya and Smartavia.
  • Russian AliExpress was the only major marketplace that faced an outflow of Russian sellers in the first five months of 2023. Their number decreased by 27%, Kommersant writes.
  • The State Duma has indefinitely postponed consideration of the law on the online sale of wine through the Russian Post. The markets are not happy with the fact that this opportunity is provided to only one player.
  • KAMAZ boss Sergey Kogogin and businessman Ruben Vardanyan, who left Russia, each invested about $1 million in creating the Atom domestic electric vehicle. According to Kogogin himself, he used KAMAZ’s own dividends to develop the project.


  • After completing Yandex’s unmanned taxi experiment in Moscow’s Yasenevo district, the possibility of widespread use of autonomous vehicles will be considered, Izvestia learned.


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