Video calls have become a very dense part of our lives, many users make several such communication sessions every day. It can be work meetings, calls with friends or relatives. Unfortunately, not everyone is worried about the quality of the picture, you have to look at the barely noticeable silhouette of the interlocutor, which glides with the background.

Apple technology offers some cool options to improve image quality. We assume that you can get the highest quality picture with the help of software chips and tricks.

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1. Use the best network connection

It often happens that the connection speed is better than home or office Wi-Fi. You can detect network access speed on iPhone or Mac and connect to a faster connection before making a video call.

I don’t think that you can always share the Internet from an iPhone to a Mac, or vice versa – share a wired connection to a computer for a smartphone.

2. Include different camera effects

In iOS 15, developers have added several effects that can be applied during a video call. They work on both iPhone and Mac.

To activate organizations Command centre and press the button Video. Then choose Portrait Effect, Rear Light Blur, or Ultra-Wide Angle.

The number of available options depends on the gadget and applications you are using.

3. Shoot on favorable terms from available cameras

To capture maximum quality, protect access to cameras. Of course, if there is only one computer or smartphone, then there is nothing to choose from. But when you have multiple devices, get the best one.

In most cases, the main camera was used iphone. In all respects, it will cost the front camera of a smartphone and a webcam on a Mac.

To use the main module for video communication, you need to set up a call from a Mac, iPhone and connect it as a camera according to our instructions. If the smartphone or computer model does not require redundancy for the chips to work, you can always use third-party software for this.

4. Set the computer screen to backlight

If your home is poorly lit, use your screen as a backlight for your computer. Open a white image on your Mac or, for example, the iPhone homepage. The white glow will illuminate the face and greatly improve the quality of the picture.

When the video calling app on Mac appears, split the screen in half to make a portion of the matrix for white pictures or a website. If you want to illuminate yourself and the surrounding space even more, just turn the brightness of the glow to the maximum. This is both during a video call on iPhone and when calling on a Mac.

5. Make calls on iPad

It is not known that you can also call on an Apple tablet. The latest iPad models have a good front-facing camera that’s better than the built-in webcams on Mac models.

At the same time, all current tablets are already available. “In the spotlight”. Shooting on a wide-angle lens, and the system itself crops the frame to the desired size. This is how the camera tracking effect works on the user.

It is probably not to sit right in front of the garden, move around it and sit something while talking.

This is how you can request high quality images during video calls with friends, family or work colleagues.

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