As children, young people and adults participate in online games, the importance of families is increasing. protect this activity to avoid falling into the hands of criminalsas warned by cybersecurity and critical systems management experts.

Some of the most common cybercrimes in these digital environments are: theft of names and addresses, credit cards and money; According to S2 Grupo or S2G experts, virtual harassment or cyberbullying, grooming (internet cheating for sexual purposes) and sending malware (malicious programs) to users.

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online players they may be victims of blackmail Through sexually explicit content in the possession of the cybercriminal that he promised not to disseminate in exchange for compensation for money or favors.

“Online video games and e-sports or electronic sports are already transcending age issues,” explains José Rosell, director of S2G.

He points out that millions of players participate in these entertainments, which move an increasing amount of money around the world. “This has led to an increase in the number of cyberattacks carried out through this route, and these attacks becoming more and more elaborate”To add.

Likewise, “Most of the risks faced by gamers on the Internet are due to the high connectivity that video games offer among participants,” adds Miguel Á. Juan is the managing partner of S2G.

“The existence of these dangers does not mean that you should stop playing or enjoying these entertainments, but invites you to learn about threats they know how to play without endangering their potential and themselves”.

The team, led by Rosell and Juan, offers a set of recommendations to help you engage in online video games and esports more safely.

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First, it is recommended create a custom email to play online. Usually you need to create an account in these types of games. Some video games allow access based on a previous record on social networks, but S2G advises against this practice because “apps or games can access a lot of personal information this way.”

These experts recommend that you only create a new email to register for video games and not contain any personal data such as first names, last names, date of birth, gender or city.

Second, experts recommend creating a new, secure password for registration email and video games, which should be different from the one you use in other digital media.

Third, it is recommended do not link any debit card to your game accounts. According to S2G experts, cases of credit card theft via online video games are common among adolescents because “they make the most online purchases, often using their parents’ debit cards”.

They advise against associating credit or debit cards for subscription payments, a particular video game, or items during gameplay.

Source: Exame

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