Yandex.Arenda has launched a service for quick compensation of losses to owners. It guarantees payment to landlords in cases where the tenant moves out suddenly, is late with the payment or if the apartment is damaged, the company said.

Yandex.Arenda launched a service for quick compensation of losses to owners

Previously, to process insurance claims and receive compensation, homeowners applied directly to the insurance company; in these cases, consideration of applications could take up to a month, Yandex.Arenda notes.

The new service speeds up and simplifies the process: now owners can receive compensation on 90% of claims within a week, while the work with the insurance company Arenda takes over.

For owners, the Financial Protection service is free. To use it, the owner must send a request with photos of the damage or a description of the situation to the Yandex.Rent support service. The specialists themselves will draw up the documents, calculate the amount of compensation within the insurance limit and credit it to the owner’s card.

According to its own data, over the past three months, the service has paid owners about 3 million rubles for minor breakdowns in apartments and about 20 million rubles to cover short-term delays in payments from tenants.


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Source: RB

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