Western bloggers presented an overview of comparing the cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the flagships of Samsung and Xiaomi.

The competition in the tests of the new iPhone was Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Note 22 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra.

Channel author iPhonebefore Playback quality is comparable to the main cameras of the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 48 MP and the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra at 108 MP. Both smartphones took roughly the same shot, but the iPhone rendered the skin tone better, and the Samsung showed a blue tint to the sky.

The difference between shots becomes more noticeable at larger sizes. Even though the Samsung has a larger sensor, the image clarity is much better on the iPhone 14 Pro Max. This is especially noticeable on eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. Also, the updated Deep Fusion algorithm really works.


Left Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, right iPhone 14 Pro Max

In the night protocol, the iPhone 14 Pro Max performed better than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In photos taken on an iPhone, there are fewer highlights and better pay attention to small details. In some cases, the difference between smartphones is very noticeable, and not in the use of Samsung.

If there are night photos of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra, then the situation is unexpected. Sometimes the pictures are taken on an iPhone, sometimes on Xiaomi. But due to Deep Fusion, the iPhone produces photos with reliable accuracy.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max shoots video better than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra. The iPhone focuses faster and produces more natural colors, especially when looking with the Xiaomi flagship.

In the Action protocol, when camera shake is captured while shooting a video, the result was the best iPhone 14 Pro Max. He made the smoothest video ever.

In general, the cameras of all smartphones show approximate results. The difference between them can be detected mainly in small details and directly upon detection.

Source: Iphones RU

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