Opera announced this Tuesday (20) Opera One is free to download on Windows, Mac and Linux. One of the browser Built-in productive AI called Ariaand it comes with features such as Tab Islands, which are tools for organizing tabs, called Modular Design.

Announced in April, Opera One was in testing and will replace Opera, which is approaching its 100th version. According to the company, the browser has been rethought and redesigned to offer the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Aria was developed in collaboration with OpenAI and Accessible with command lines such as CTRL+ (on Windows) or CMD+ (on Mac). In the same conversational model as ChatGPT, code can be written for the user to interact and ask questions.

Using the GPT platform, the browser has contextual prompts that can be accessed by right-clicking or highlighting a piece of text in the browser.

Opera One with AI also gives you the option to add live results from the web, allowing collaboration to search for information online, get answers about products, generate text and even programming codes.

AI services are available in the browser sidebar. To query the AI, you need to open the sidebar and sign in or sign up with a free Opera account.

modular design

In terms of visual and functionality, Opera One is based on the concept of Modular Design. Then, the browser learns and adapts to each person’s usage styleensures that only the most used features are in the foreground. The promise is that users will get smoother navigation.

The new browser uses Multithreaded Composer to present the fully tailored interface. It is a tool that coordinates the rendering process in a browser by interpreting HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes to manage what is displayed on the screen.

Opera One

Tab Islands

Another important element in the browser, according to Opera itself, is Tab Islands. It is a technology that provides the behavior of tabs varies and depends on each person’s experience.

Tabs can be grouped together, moved, saved for later, and even tagged.

Opera One

In one example, whoever uses the new free browser will be able to create a set of tabs with pages about itinerary, hotel search, routes and tourist tours when searching for a place to spend a vacation. It is still possible to automatically create an island of tabs to separate specific working documents.

Source: Tec Mundo

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