tourist submarine titanic companies Ocean Gate Expeditions is a carbon fiber submersible called the Titan that can take five people to a depth of 4,000 meters to view the wreck of the famous ocean liner that sank in 1912. The trip lasts seven days and costs $250,000 per person. The submarine has a real-time hull health monitoring system, which provides it with an unparalleled safety feature.

On Sunday, June 19, 2023, a submarine went missing during an expedition to the Titanic. with five people on board, including a British billionaire Hamish Hardingcosmonaut who flew aboard the fifth manned expedition into space from blue backgroundcompany of tycoon Jeff Bezos.

The Boston Coast Guard launched a search and rescue operation to try and find the Titan, which lost contact while diving. The life support of the submarine is 96 hours for five crew members.

Search and rescue efforts began after the submarine’s operator, OceanGate Expeditions, “somehow lost contact with the ship” after just an hour and 45 minutes of snorkeling, according to comments by U.S. Coast Guard Rear Admiral John Mauger in a press conference in Monday.

“This is a remote area and it is difficult to search this remote area,” Mauger said on Monday, adding: “We are using all available resources to make sure we can find the ship and rescue the people on board. Tonight we will continue to fly planes and move additional ships.”

The US Coast Guard says it’s unclear whether the ship surfaced but was unable to communicate, or whether it was still submerged. “Time is very short and the next few days will be critical,” University of Southampton oceanography professor Dr Simon Boxall told the BBC. Five passengers who paid $250,000 each for a trip. “It will be hot, it will be crowded,” Boxall said. “There is no escape pod. If you were to come out of the water at that depth, you would be crushed, so it totally depends on which submarine you are in.”

A little history of Titan

A CBS documentary about the trip, released last year, shows a sub’s captain demonstrating how the sub was built using “off-the-shelf components,” including a game controller used to control the boat and an interior light from a hardware store. . Documentary host David Pogue said the other vessel lost contact for about five hours around the time he and his crew were filming. According to Pogue, in response, OceanGate disabled internet access on its ship on the surface to prevent those on board from tweeting about the incident. He added that the door of the submarine is bolted, so that even if it rises to the surface, passengers will not be able to get out without the help of the crew.

Everyone please watch this. This is a story about a missing CBS submarine that aired some time ago. The creators of that missing submarine are DEEPLY frivolous.

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