Dbrand took the theme that the new Nothing Phone smartphone is currently only available in the US and Canada and chose a line of cases that imitate its design. Most of the accolades for this smartphone come on the external page, so why not But this is not theft of intellectual property, something more tricky – legalized plagiarism.

In DBRAND they gave sVES Then they studied it, creative scope and offered the buyers already “Something” (Something). Some of this is really not insignificant, so what kind of theft of ideas can we talk about?

Pagiat in many countries is not a criminal offense, although it may be subject to s. However, for Dbrand, this is the basis of their business – subtle trolling of brands on the verge of a foul. In addition, they seek attention in aggressive and provocative marketing, so you can’t expect that Carl Pei, the founder of the Nothing startup, was attached to The Something to draw attention to the original Nothing smartphone.

Case Dbrand

Source: Tech Cult

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