It says the company blocked a number of video bloggers the previous day and went on strike on their channels. The reason stated was the use of official STALKER 2 trailers in the news.

The guys from iXBT games suggested there could be a few real reasons. For one, they simply “got under the distribution” on the backdrop of a massive 200GB game file leak.

The second is the “company’s little revenge”, for which bloggers regularly remind him of the chaos of the development of the first part, and for fear of repeating a similar story with STALKER 2.

The third reason may be that iXBT game videos regularly include the idea that users in Russia and Belarus will be able to play their new games using Xbox Game Pass or “just downloading GOG” despite the GSC Game World ban. distribution kit in the store “xatab lives!”.

As a result, the journalists turned to the studio representative to understand the situation and got a short answer:

Bloggers focus separately on the fact that the screenshot shows the official response of the official representative of GSC Game World. Well, this is exactly the PR that the authors of the long-suffering project deserve.

Source: Ferra

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