xiaomi it could fulfill the dream of many fans of professional photography. The Chinese manufacturer introduced the Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept, mobile phone that can attach camera lenses. The terminal is a variant of the 12S Ultra, but with the twist that it includes a Leica interchangeable lens mount.

According to the manufacturer, the development this concept was realized together with Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Despite the fact that outwardly they are almost identical, the concept integrates a second 1-inch sensor that captures light from external lenses. The sensor configuration reduces light loss resulting in sharper images.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept too It has a reinforced chassis to support the weight of the lens.. Mobile phone compatible with Leica M series lenses. The user can easily fit them to the frame, which is attached to the bib. As an additional measure of protection, Xiaomi has placed a sapphire crystal to protect the new sensor from scratches, dust and everyday use.

Once the goal is setjust open the camera app to start taking photos. The mobile phone supports 10-bit RAW capture and other features such as focus peak, histogram or zebra pattern to control the final result.

Xiaomi wants to take the photographic experience to the next level

The Chinese company mentioned that the purpose of producing this concept was to expand the capabilities of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera while maintaining its portability. To achieve this, some changes have been made, the most obvious of which is the repositioning of some components. The space taken up by the main lens on the 12S Ultra is now owned by the new sensor, so the ultra-wide camera has been moved to the side.

Although the idea is interestingXiaomi does not plan to mass-produce them. Each smartphone costs about 300,000 yuan (42,000 euros), and for some influencers only 10 units were made. The cost of the 35mm Leica Summilux lens shown in the video is 5,500 euros, so renting an apartment for a Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept kit with a lens will cost two to three years.

Xiaomi Lake M
A photo: Agatha Tang Credit: Agatha Tang

In any case, the Xiaomi concept never ceases to amaze. Although the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinstalling lenses on a mobile has been in the air for several years, adapters do not always guarantee good results. Not only is the user experience far from comfortable, but the photo quality leaves a lot to be desired due to the configuration of the sensor.

One of the strangest attempts to bring professional photography to mobile devices was Galaxy HXa reflex camera based on android which debuted in 2013. While Samsung aimed to combine the best of both worlds, it didn’t end up with what it expected. The high price of the device, coupled with the poor quality of the photos, was enough to bury the concept and not try again.

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