Irkutsk National Research Technical University has developed a technique in which a neural network predicts the consumption of energy systems.

The machine learning algorithm can perform hourly forecasts given the given parameters. With over 90% accuracy, the neural network determines the peak hours when the electricity cost reaches its maximum.

In its calculations, artificial intelligence takes into account the bitcoin exchange rate, as well as the effect of climatic features – temperature changes and solar activity – on energy consumption in its field. The developer of the software package, Maxim Pugachev, said that the territory of the Irkutsk region is actively mined due to the favorable electricity tariff.

The creators aim to complement the software with a user-friendly interface. Pugachev said users will be able to enter their own parameters to improve accuracy, get ready-made predictions. According to the developers, energy companies and data centers could be potential customers of the system.

Source: Ferra

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