The Russian film “Breath” was released.

Its production was directed by Roman Karimov, known for the dilogy “Inadequate People” and the films “Walk, Vasya.” In general, he does not have such a wide filmography, and in general it is quite a failure. However, he was not the author of the idea, the producer Alexei Trotsyuk, who is responsible for the “Challenge” and “Cheburashka”.

We have already reviewed the novelty and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Plot of multiple repetitions

What is the movie aboutA: great trials from discover the true beauty of a person. Victor, a former doctor who is now a successful businessman, lives illegally in the residence to help his mother who is ill with COVID-19. Risking his life and freedom, he can deal with an unknown virus and, together with the removal of the collective, prepares for infection.

A story about the causes of a pandemic disease. Together with the main character Victor, we are placed in the very center of events.

And so, most of the plot takes place inside the city hospital. More precisely, the plot of the action inside an abandoned sanatorium in the Moscow region, which was converted into movie sets.

Conditions are difficult. Doctors cannot change with other shifts, there are few of them, because of which they have to sleep for 4 hours and change with each other with free services. For transportation with the virus in international transportation, they accept any help, even from one patient.

Here, many microplots decided to merge into one. very strange.


A certain patient named Osipenko freely roams all the nooks and crannies of the hospital and quite easily finds a common language with each employee. It has access to all rooms and helps in the construction of the isolation block in the conditions of restrictions.

No less strange (but more realistic) is the help of the protagonist Victor, who used to be a surgeon. He participates in surgical operations, although he is not licensed to do so. Despite this, doctors have no other choice, otherwise they lose patients who are on the verge of life and death.

There is also a separate micro-branch with an employee of the National Guard, which, by the will of fate, becomes a perceived character. Just on the finger. Because that’s what the writers want.

Through all the processes we repeat that they are not just heroes, but first of all people. The same as all the others – with their flaws and skeletons in the closets.

In general, despite some inconsistencies, the scenario of the main storyline looks slim and whole. You partly believe it, thanks to the successful discovery by Andrei Goncharov, who personally worked in the “red zone”. He recounted how everyone worked in the early days of the epidemic. And the directors competently took up the basis.

Only the storyline of the second hero, Michael, depresses me. Victor’s friend helps him not only in developing the business, but throughout the entire period while the former doctor is locked up in the hospital. The character is given about a quarter of the time, he has his own story, tied to the betrayal of his wife.

However, she overreacts and generally it is not clear for whom. It feels like it was written to stretch the timing. You don’t believe in his mental poisoning. Actor Daniil Vorobyov did not even participate in the role, and remained a boorish rich man from Trigger.

However, you feel a tense situation all the time

The transmitted turmoil in the early days of the pandemic has undergone. It turns out how hard the doctor was, who was dumbfounded by the sudden onset of a difficult time.

Some operations are even natural. For the sake of shooting them at the training center of the Russian National Research Medical University. N.I. Pirogov. According to seizures from investigators, operations under supervision in patients. Only instead of people on the tables are mannequins with pork entrails.

You are literally going through for the success of the entire process. Such a filming of the uprising of incorruptible emotions, although it lasts, most often does not last minutes. Yes, there is nature here, but there is very little of it. However, this is enough.

The visuals are generally pleasant, but nothing frankly new does not bring to the industry. Only standard movie techniques work here.

Watch or not – the choice is yours

“Breath” is, first of all, a movie about stopping the work of doctors and about their humanity. Everyone has their own virtues and fruits, society is imperfect.

However, the most important thing, the soul, is not captured here. The idea of ​​the film is good, although it was late with its implementation. Many elements rely with difficulty, you don’t see how people invest in this project from start to finish.

From such an outcome it becomes a little sad. The film lacks good scenes and adequate dialogue, but there are too many elements that spoil the overall viewing experience. Watch it or not, the choice is yours.

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