The platform of TikTok it keeps updating itself continuously with many new features for users, and even if in some cases these are not major changes, designed to revolutionize the social network in question, there are also minor improvements. In this case, there is a minor change related to the comments section, with the giant currently going through a minor change that could be helpful in the future.

We are dealing with a real dislike button posted in the comments which, according to what has been explained, aims to make users feel that they have more control over the situation regarding the last, and in fact is able to express a negative opinion in any case. It should be noted that this is a novelty that has not yet been officially released to everyone, as officially confirmed by the company on its official blog and resumed on the pages of 9to5Mac

The goal here is to avoid users who demoralize content creators, also considering that only those who they will put a dislike on the platform in question can see their opinion, as the function does not allow others to view the statistics in this sense. The company is reminding creators of their options for managing all of their comment moderation capabilities.

As explained by the giant, in a short time, when certainly the tests have been carried out to verify the stability of the new update and its application by the content creators, the novelty will be released to all members of the platform, which they will therefore also be able to hate comments.

Source: Lega Nerd

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