Flipper Zero, a device used in hardware and cybersecurity research and known for facilitating cyber attacks, is in great demand. According to the data announced by the manufacturer on Monday (26), must collect at least $80 million in sales this year alone.

Approximately US$5 million (R$23.8 million) of this amount, which is more than R$380 million at the day’s quotation, was obtained from the Kickstarter pre-sale of the product. Also, the Russia-based brand was to sell for US$25 million (R$119 million) per unit last year.

With a simple appearance and compact size, the device was developed with open source tools to run tests of hardware protocols, radio and access control systems, among other things. It allows checking the security activity on these platforms and helps to search for bugs and vulnerabilities.

Due to its features and ease of use, Flipper Zero can also be used for illegal activitiesalarmed international officials. In a way, this motivated the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) to confiscate a large number of devices arriving in Brazil due to lack of homologation.

What is Flipper Zero used for?

According to Flipper Devices, which produces the Russian hacking tool, the device is a “portable, gamified multipurpose tool” for those interested in cybersecurity. Professional researchers, insect hunters, curious people and students are part of the device’s target audience.

With it, users can test the security of various devices that provide wireless communication such as those compatible with Bluetooth technologies, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), NFC and more. His recommendation is to run penetration tests that look for vulnerabilities in networks..

With it, it is possible to break doors, electronic locks and much more.

By making use of radio, infrared signals and other technologies, it manages to perform tasks such as: unlock digital locks, copy data from payment cards and badges, clone garage door controls, unlock car doors, turn electronics on and off and others. Such features draw attention to the possibility of malicious use.

According to this TechCrunchPeople with a little knowledge can perform simpler activities such as opening garages and operating elevators without much difficulty, demonstrating the insecurity that exists around us. It is available on the crowdfunding platform with prices starting from US$119 (R$567).

Source: Tec Mundo

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