Hollow Knight is an adventure and strategy game where the player can easily get lost due to multiple paths.because its design is full of mazes, and at the same time the player has the freedom to move around the map almost unlimitedly, with the possibility of doing it in a non-linear way.

According to the ‘vandal’ portal, this is what you need to do to get the best routes and get the items that will allow you to win in each level.

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1. The first goal is to kill the fake knight in the game. “Center of the Crosses” forgotten, which allows you to retrieve the named item. “Immortal soul”.

2. You must beat it on the green road “Hornet”will let you receive the item “Moth Cloak”.

3. To reach mushroom waste must get back on track ‘Forgotten Passes’ and go south to get the object ‘Mantis Village’.

4. With this object you have, you can access: ‘Shelter of the Spirits’, located in the city of tears and ‘‘Lord of Spirits’you have to beat to get “The Gloomy Leap”.

5. You must now go back ‘dirty mouth’ to buy “Lumelula Lighthouse”And ‘Forgotten Passes’ and reach the ‘Crystal Peak’ where you can find the ‘Crystal Heart’.

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6. Then proceed to: ‘Recreation Areas’in which you will enter “Dream Stinger”.

7. Continue to: ‘Royal channels’where can you get it “Tears of Isma”.

8. Navigate to: ‘Old Basin’where you will have to face “Broken Ship” to get “The Wings of the Monarch”.

9. Quickly navigate to: “Kingdom Frontier”And “The Sign of the King”.

10. Finally, it will let you open the door. ‘Old Basin’gaining access ‘Cliff’get to the bottom of everything, go east,’‘Sea of ​​Shadows’ And ‘Shadow Cloak’.

From then on, he will be able to move around the entire map without any restrictions, as he will have all the necessary means to move everywhere according to the ‘Hobby Consolas’.

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