In Russia, the head of the company’s department in the field of combating cybercrime FACCT (formerly Group-IB), Nikita Kislitsin, has been included in the list of wanted persons, according to the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. , writes RBC.

Senior manager of former Group-IB detained in Kazakhstan

At the same time, from the filing cabinet of the Moscow City Court it appears that the investigation requested to arrest him in the case of illegal access to computer information protected by law (part 3 of article 272 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) .

The FACCT company said that Kislitsin was detained on June 22 in Kazakhstan.

FACCT is the successor to the IB Group; In the spring of 2023, local shareholders and top management bought out the Russian business and renamed it. The Group-IB brand will be presented only in the international market.

The founder of the company is Ilya Sachkov. In September 2021, Sachkov was arrested in a treason case, the materials of this case are classified. Instead of Sachkov, the company was headed by co-founder Dmitry Volkov.

On June 26, the case of the founder of Group-IB went to trial for consideration on the merits. The date of the hearing has not yet been set, it will take place behind closed doors.


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Source: RB

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