Students of the Moscow Aviation Institute have developed a wireless data transmission technology that allows satellites to be combined in space. A patent is being prepared for the development.

It is extremely difficult to assemble a complete satellite with an optimal design that fits under the hood of a launch vehicle on Earth. The modular method of mounting in orbit, proposed by the researchers, which involves replacing the wired connections on the spacecraft with wireless ones, will help solve the problem.

Radio-linked satellites in space will be combined with a manipulator like train cars. Thus, devices in space can be reassembled many times, especially when any item fails.

The creators of the technology conducted comparative tests of several communication protocols at once, based on a small prototype of a satellite ten by ten by ten centimeters. The radio module was placed in the array and some distance from it, then the data transfer rate between the two devices was measured. The fastest were NRF modules.

Students plan to select components for the system to work more optimally.

Source: Ferra

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