Researchers at the University of Maryland explored the image capture area by detecting the reflection of surrounding objects in a person’s eyes. It allows you to create complete 3D models of the spaces in which the subject is located. Then, with this model, you can perform any standard actions – rotate, change the scale, study the details, add new elements or change the color scheme.

Alas, in practice it turned out that the technology is unlikely to be practically useful. Firstly, special lighting and eye position are required to get a sufficiently legible picture. Secondly, the person must move and change the position of the head so that the system can collect as many representations as possible, otherwise the model will be incomplete. Thirdly, the detailing in any case will leave much to be desired, plus the influence of many interferences from the movement and shape of the eyeball itself.


With regard to real, not specially prepared images, it may have been a fiasco. It was the one who saw the clips, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga were heavily unshaven, not that Ravno was not happy with the recognition of reflections. The authors of the technologies did not manage to understand what exactly the singers were looking at, they only made general premises. However, in the future the technology can be significantly improved.


Source: Tech Cult

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