Meta, formerly Facebook, king of social media. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram top the lists social networks with the most users. As of January 2023, Facebook tops the rankings with nearly 3 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp and Instagram have over 2 billion each. YouTube only shadows themwith 2.514 million and WeChat with 1.309 million with everything, Meta wants to beat Twitter on your own land. And for this he launched streams.

His name speaks for itself. streams in English it means streams. And threads are one of the hallmarks of Twitter. popular social network despite not having as many users as the rest. whatever happens Twitter has an impact in the physical world. Statements by a politician or celebrity, topics discussed that day, changes Elon Musk makes to make Twitter profitable and piss off its users, comments that go viral…

The meta wants such a social network. Link for the media and for other social networks. And his attempt to achieve this is called streams. Or rather Topics on Instagram, as stated on its official page. Already in the works, despite the fact that we still cannot download the application. For now, though, it’s more of a wallpaper than a functional page.

But let’s get to the main point. What do we know about threads? How? For what exactly? How can I take possession of it?

When can you download themes

Taking advantage of another Twitter crisis, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, decided to announce that his next app will be available on Thursday, July 6. We don’t yet know if the launch will be global or exclusive to the United States. What we know is that the application was published in the Apple App Store July 3 (in version 289) and which can be downloaded from July 6th. For now, you can subscribe to the list when it’s online, but you may not like its privacy requirements.

However, it is inevitable that flows will available to everyoneas it has been translated into several languages. Among them are Spaniards. A separate case of android version. On his official page you can find Coming soon for Android. And there are those who already had access to the application in the trial version. But there is still no exact release date.

Threads integrates your Instagram account and contacts

Threads, the app for Instagram

The description of Threads in the App Store gives us some idea of ​​what kind of social network it is and what it is for. For starters, his full name Threads, the app for Instagram. What’s more, it’s associated with Instagram in its tech file, rather than being listed as an independent app.

And looking at the official screenshots, you can clearly see that in order to use Threads you have to login with your instagram account. In addition, you will be able to interact with your Instagram contacts through Threads. And the design is similar between them. So everything points to what Threads is. companion app for Instagram, i.e. additional, but which you must use separately. The description itself says that Threads is an Instagram app by text conversation.

And from what we know, there are details of this new social network that you can only change from Instagram. For example, your username or your profile picture. The relationship between them extends to blocking users. If you block someone on Instagram or Threads, they will be blocked in both cases.

Threads is a microblogging app connected to Instagram.

Why and how does this social network work?

The rest of the description makes it clear that Meta created a haven for those who want to leave Twitter for something like this. “Niti is the place where ICommunities meet to talk about everything, from topics that interest you today to what will be in trend tomorrow. Anything you are interested in, you can Follow and connect directly with your favorite authors and other people who love the same, or create your own loyal followers to share your ideas, opinions and creativity with the world.”

In the absence of information about the exact workings of Threads, all indications are that Meta adapted Instagram to what Twitter is today. While Instagram is starting to communicate with videos and photos, Threads is betting directly on send text messages. And whoever reads this message will be able to reply.

The official screenshots show that, just like on Twitter, the messages you post may get feedback from all over the world, contacts you follow, or people mentioned in your message. And although there is character counterwe don’t know the Threads message limit yet.

In the future, Threads will be compatible with Mastodon.

Thread relationship with Mastodon

specialized media such as 9to5Google got access to the APK file of the Threads app for Android. And they extracted valuable information like the one we gathered above. Other tips can be found on specialized pages in the app stores, such as

Returning to the APK, it seems that in the near future, Threads users will be able to contact mastodon fedivers. In other words, in addition to connecting to Instagram contacts, you can do it with mastodon users. And you can have your username type @[email protected] when possible.

Threads, Twitter Meta, already had a previous version that mimics WhatsApp

Target takes full advantage

One last curiosity about Threads. Although this is a new application, in fact Meta redesigned the name of the previous application which has been in the App Store and Google Store since 2019 until recently. Although few people remember her.

Published in October 2019, its next update was released in December 2021. The idea behind this previous app that has the same name as the current epoch convert instagram to whatsapp. You could chat with your Instagram contacts via text or video call, see who was online, post statuses like whatsapp…

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