In recent years, the United States has been overwhelmed by a wave of a new type of crime – swotting (the name comes from the abbreviation SW AT, which blocks the US police special forces – ed. Tekhkult). In essence, this is a false call to check for a frequency of equally frequent.

The most high-profile svatting crime was murdered six years ago by Tyler Barris, which resulted in the murder of 28-year-old Andrew Finch, father of two. It all started with the fact that one of the participants in the online game CoD: WWII Casey Weiner “ordered” his partner in and Gray, Shane Gaskill, because of this from Taylor Barris. However, the indicated address turned out to be old and a completely different person lived there at that time – Andrew Finch, who became an innocent victim. This is the first time the FBI has taken on any major targets, which include everything that happens in the US.

According to one of the leading American television channels cnbc, in May, the FBI began to alkaced calls to the police, as for tracking down about 130 objects in the entire population. page

Source: Tech Cult

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