If you’ve ever had to send a voicemail What’s up? that was way too long, definitely keeping the record button pressed all the time became a real problem. You can prevent this from happening again, thanks to the Hands-Free function included with the app.

The fact is that the possibility we are talking about is excellent, since voicemails have now become one of the most used options of the service we are talking about. Therefore, whatever facilitate the registration processIt’s always appreciated, especially if it seems long. And since everything is done with a tool available in WhatsApp, you can rest assured that the reliability and security are extremely high. Come on, it’s all good news.

Make it more convenient to record voice notes on WhatsApp

Well, as we mentioned, you don’t need to change the app configuration at all because everything you need to do is in the company’s own app development, which is owned by Meta. By the way, the convenience is surprising, as you only need to execute one. make a gesture On the phone screen to receive‚Ķ come on, the facility hasn’t been great.

Here are the steps you need to take to use the Hands-Free option in WhatsApp while recording a voice message:

  • Open the chat where you plan to send the voice memo and once and when you are ready, press the microphone in the lower area as usual.
  • All you have to do is swipe up without releasing and then a closed padlock appears which means you can continue recording without having to keep pressing the icon on the screen.
  • By the way, remember that when you’re done doing things that amuse you (like looking at the computer or talking to a friend), you can pause the recording at any time you see fit to continue. This, of course, also helps you delete what you have saved if you deem it necessary.
  • After finishing, click on the padlock to eliminate the Hands-free mode, and then the sending will be performed automatically as usual.
  • And so you’re done.
microphone icon in WhatsApp

Smart Life

A simple way to avoid having to keep your finger on the screen all the time while recording a voice message on WhatsApp. And this is the most positive because this form of communication in the messaging app is being used more and more because of how convenient and effective it is.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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