WhatsApp is testing changes in the beta version of the application, which is expected to reach all users soon. First and foremost, it appeared in version of the app and offers: option to send high definition videos to your contacts.

Change found by website WABetaInfois dedicated to WhatsApp news. As seen in the screenshot below, with the new feature implemented, the user will be able to choose the quality of the video before sending it. It is important to note that the video must be of sufficient quality for the option to appear.

HD videos are marked this way in the conversation so that the person receiving the file can be careful while downloading them so as not to waste their mobile data too much, for example. This functionality is still in testing and will appear first to beta users of the app.

WhatsApp adopts Material Design 3

An even newer version of the messaging app is now up for testing, which brings some more nuanced news. Version introduces new changes with minor interface changes to comply with Android’s Material Design 3 parameters.

The comparison shows the redesign in the beta version of WhatsApp.

Following the new look, alert boxes will be a little more rounded, with smaller fonts and buttons highlighting empty spaces. It’s subtle, but you can tell from the screenshot above.

Source: Tec Mundo

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