Write messages from a computer or laptop this is very convenient, especially when the messages are long. For years, the messaging app that depends on Facebook has WhatsApp Web, which can be described as an extension of the one you use on your mobile phone, in fact it can only be run through your mobile phone.

But what if you leave yourself logged in on a computer you don’t use regularly? Can it be closed from a mobile phone? If you are afraid that someone is spying on your phone, how can you not be worried that someone might enter your WhatsApp chats?


Before answering, it is worth saying something: the one who writes these lines, one fine day, left home without his smartphone; when he realized it was too late to come back for him, so he resigned himself. When he arrived at the office and found himself in front of his laptophe decided to open WhatsApp Web (he left the session open to save time) and, to his surprise, was able to access and reply to messages as if the phone were nearby.

Perhaps this is one of the situations in which it is worth leaving WhatsApp Web active when you are sure that only you have access to the computer.

In the event that your session is left open on a computer accessed by more people and you are not around to resolve the situation, your cell phone saves you.

  1. Open the app whatsapp from your mobile phone.
  2. In the main menu, at the three dots at the top right, select whatsapp web.
  3. In the new window that appears, you can log out on each device if you have launched WhatsApp Web on more than one computer, or log out of all sessions for greater security.

If you decide to close all sessions when you want to run WhatsApp Web on a trusted computer, you must start the process as if you were doing it the first time:

  1. Open the WhatsApp app from your mobile phone.
  2. In the main menu, at the three dots at the top right, select whatsapp web. Your phone’s camera will be activated to search for the code.
  3. Open WhatsApp Web in your browser.
  4. Point your phone’s camera at the code displayed in the browser that activates WhatsApp Web.

It is important to say that in the browser before pointing the camera of your smartphoneyou can uncheck the option remain in the systemespecially if you’re running WhatsApp Web on someone else’s PC, so you’ll be logged out after a few minutes of inactivity.

The Facebook-owned app is the most popular of its kind, with a user base of over 2,000 million users.

Source: Digital Trends

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