The UK removed Lev Khasis, former Sberbank’s first vice-chairman, from the sanctions list. Information about this is in the updated data of the government of the kingdom.

UK lifts sanctions against former Sberbank 1st Vice President Lev Khasis

The reasons for the lifting of the restrictions are unknown.

Khasis was under sanctions from the UK in March 2022. Then, together with him, the director of Sberbank German Gref, the first deputy chairman of the bank’s board of directors Alexander Vedyakhin, businessman Yevgeny Shvidler and others entered the register. At the same time, Khasis’s resignation from his post at Sberbank was announced even before the start of the special operation, on February 15 last year.

In April, the media reported that Khasis moved to the United States “almost immediately” after the start of the special operation. It was also clarified that the former top manager of Sberbank has US citizenship.


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Source: RB

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