The Ural Locomotives company at the industrial exhibition Innoprom presented a model of the electric train ES104-001 Lastochka.

This version was created entirely from Russian components. The electric train accelerates to 160 km/h. the maximum capacity of the train is 1200 people.

The key difference from other models is complete import independence. The previous generation of Lastochka was created jointly with a European partner, and every year we increased the likelihood of occurrence. At the beginning of 2022, about 85% of solvency was formed inside Russia, but imported elements of appearance were identified.

During 2022-2023, Ural Locomotives tried out a lot of reengineering work, replacing all imported components. Now our suppliers are about 150 Russian companies. We somehow calculated that about 60,000 employees across the country were involved in the Lastochka vote.

– Marketing Director “Sinara – Transport Machines” Mikhail Boyko

The interior of the novelty has Wi-Fi, USB ports for charging mobile devices, climate control and an air disinfection system. Also, based on the constant, lifts for passengers with disabilities and digitalization elements have been added: additional cameras and sensors that can analyze both objects and take into account infrastructure.


The design of the Russian version differs from the more streamlined front end and vertical headlights.

So far, Ural Locomotives is producing two prototypes, which are undergoing final tests and receiving certificates. Then, by the beginning of next year, 110 cars will be produced by order of Russian Railways.

In general, the company is engaged in the production of about 200 railcars per year. [URA]

Source: Iphones RU

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