At the BMW Motorrad Days event in Berlin, a new exclusive accessory for BMW Motorrad fans was unveiled: the ConnectedRide smart glasses. They depend on the needs of bikers and organizations working with a public type of equipment. But owners of BMW motorcycles get an advantage – at first, they can change glasses using a multi-controller, while powerful manipulators take a smartphone in their hands.

ConnectedRide glasses

The purpose of the ConnectedRide glasses is to display VARIOUS USEFUL INFORMATION before the eyes of the motorcycle rider. The interface is deliberately made redundant, as it is required for a wide range of consumers. It is useful for a beginner to know what movement he is riding now, for an experienced biker this is useless, but he is not hindered by the value of the speed limits in the area he covers. The glasses are very useful for those who sent for sending, as a message can occur that the parents are not even aware of.

ConnectedRide glasses

ConnectedRide goggles run for up to 10 hours on a single charge and are not recharged by the motorcycle while the rider pauses to refuel. The goggles are designed to be used with most helmets and come in two sets of lenses – translucent and tinted. Interchangeable nose pads are available, it is possible to install lenses with diopters. The cost of a pair of ConnectedRide is 750 dollars.

Source: Tech Cult

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