Nadezhda Raeva, head of the food hygiene department of the Moscow Region Rospotrebnadzor, said that waterfowl eggs are often contaminated with salmonellosis, and therefore their sale in Russia is prohibited.

Salmonellosis is an intestinal infection in which people have fever, intestinal discomfort, and feces. Children are particularly susceptible to this: infectious infection threatens the child with death.

The specialist emphasizes that if one can notice lethargy with salmonellosis in a chicken, then it is extremely difficult to detect salmonellosis in geese and ducks – the infection in waterfowl is almost asymptomatic.

Raeva advises, for example, that if you use duck and goose eggs at home, you should cook them for a long time: the Salmonella infection carrier lives both in the shell and inside the egg.

The pathogen is killed when cooked for three minutes at 85°C. To be completely safe, the expert recommends boiling chicken eggs for eight to ten minutes, and duck and goose eggs longer.

Source: Ferra

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