Chinese customs caught a smuggler who tried to smuggle 306 Intel processors into the country by taping them to the torso. The man was betrayed by his “clumsy gait”, customs officials said. Smuggling electronics into China in sophisticated ways is not uncommon: Two months ago, an attempt was made to bring 70 video cards hidden in a shipment of lobsters into the country.

He taped it to his torso: Chinese customs caught a smuggler of a large batch of Intel processors

Chinese customs officials have detained a man who tried to illegally import 306 Intel processors into the country. He packed the fries into bags and taped them to his torso, according to the China People’s Daily.

The smuggler was arrested in the port of Qingdao, considered one of the main ones in China. Customs did not specify the brand of the processors and the country from which they were trying to import.

According to Chinese law, imported electronic products are subject to a 13% value added tax.

Attempts to smuggle electronics into China are not uncommon. Thus, in May 2023 they tried to import 70 video cards into the country in a shipment of 280 kg of lobsters. In April, customs officials caught a smuggler trying to smuggle 6,000 USB sticks into a bicycle frame.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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