The sensational discovery did not take place – more precisely, it was postponed indefinitely – because the research reacted with understanding and caution to the ancient warnings and decided not to risk it. The discussion is about the latest experience of the famous Mitla ruins in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. According to legend, the underground temple of Liobaa and the “entrance to the underworld” were located here, which archaeologists found. I did not penetrate refused.

In 1674, Francisco de Burgoa, monah-letopisecs of the 17th century, report on the study of the underground chambers under the ruins of Mitla. It was customary for the Spanish missionaries to select the most important observations from the observation of the natives in order to build a Catholic church on its basis, as a symbol of the superiority of their religion. Fearless missionaries found under the ground the tombs of the lords TeosepotLAN and a strange stone door. The front corridor with colonnades did not extend for 140 km.

The missionaries dubbed the “entrance to hell” and walled up the passage in it for security purposes. The location of the object was forgotten for hundreds of years, until recently Mexican archaeologists paid special attention to research by searching for it. With the help of georadar and seismic tomographs, they presented a 3D model of the underground space under the ruins of M. There was no system of complex corridors and chambers.

It is already clear that underground structures have nothing in common with ground structures, they are formed at different times and with textural inclusions. The entrance to the underground premises of NET, imprisoned right under the altar of the Catholic Church, something like a “front door to the stigma” was found. This spacious room, covering the geophysical anomaly in the form of an elongated passage, extends far beyond the main underground complex. This is probably the place described in the document of the 17th century, but this calculation has not yet been clarified. make up your mind.

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