Engineers from Novgorod State University, named after Yaroslav the Wise, have developed a small radar station (RLS) for ships to detect both low-flying and semi-submerged drones.

Radar uses an antenna to transmit and receive a signal. One of the developers, head of the NovSU School of Advanced Engineering, Sergey Chebotarev, says that the block depends on it without affecting performance. Due to the use of complex probing signals, the station has high noise immunity and stealth.

The researcher noted that he was able to detect small targets within a radius of up to several kilometers. The device can detect the target, determine its range and radial velocity with high accuracy, capture and track it along the trajectory.

Chebotarev emphasized that the development went through a series of experimental tests. Basically, such systems need to be used on ships, but the technology can be adapted to other radars.

Source: Ferra

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