In recent years, technology has become increasingly integrated into our lives. Houses are getting smarter, smartphones and other gadgets too.

But often all these devices are aimed at helping a person. And many of us also have pets. So I have a dog in which I don’t have a soul.

However, there are times when no one is home. Here I found a special smart feeder, which helps to cover this territory. After all, an insatiable feeling of hunger can develop and not be satiated, and in the end, left food is felt ahead of time.

And now I will tell you exactly how the new product from Aqara is useful – Smart Pet Feeder C1. This is a must have gadget for dog and cat owners.

What’s Included

Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1 is supplied in high-quality packaging, on which the manufacturer did not save, as many do. But this is a commodity.

Inside the box, the box is, in fact, the feeder itself, a straightening steel feeding bowl, documentation and a USB cable. Alas, the charger is not included. Buy a fork of bullets separately. But the power supply, for example, from an old iPhone, is not suitable either. The gadget is powered by the simplest 5W adapter.

In addition, the kit includes special drying agents.

Appearance, useful use

This is a fairly compact device with a 4 liter food tank. It includes approx. 1.7 kg dry foodwhich is enough for about a month, if you follow the dosage.

The body is made of high quality plastic. It does not smell and does not peel off over time, even after cleaning. From the outside, it looks like something premium.

A tray for a bowl appears on the front. He does not stagger and does not fidget on the floor, but on the contrary, it stays securely in place. Thanks to this, you can not worry that the pet will constantly move the feeder from side to side.

Three pencils were also captured on the front panel: feed, voice recording and reset. The button is used to dispense water manually.

The button allows you to record voices, for example, to call your pet for feeding. To do this, close it, a sound signal sounds, says what is required, release, and the disappearance is recorded on a double signal.

Finally, the reset key is needed to reset the settings to factory settings and enter the settings in the setup mode using the appropriate setting.

Whether the feeder is active can be understood by special LEDlocated above the control buttons. When the device is working, the indicator lights up blue.

Smart pet feeder C1 can work both from the network and without it, as long as there is a connection to a hub that works via Wi-Fi. For autonomous operation, the case has a separate compartment in which you can install three D LR20 batteries.

This is a useful option if a power outage is planned in the future, or if the power turns off suddenly. The pet will always be full. However, I have not personally tested the battery life, so I can not say for sure how long they will last.

There are helical rubber blades inside the food container. This is a smart decision because the metal blades will get stuck and make it difficult for food to flow into the bowl.


The same container is easily caught when it needs cleaning. At the top of the cover there is a compartment for ventilation, allowing you to eat food.

I note that Smart Per Feeder C1 is fixed for animals weighing up to 15 kg. Large dogs will not be comfortable eating from such small bowls, and they need more food.

Works in conjunction with the camera, and it is very useful

Despite the possibility of manual control, it is primarily a smart gadget. So for him there is a proprietary application that expands the functions of the device.

The device works according to the Zigbee 3.0 protocol with the proprietary Aqara hub. In my case, a G3 hub camera was used. It is especially useful as a surveillance gadget and in conjunction with a feeder.

All setup takes place in the proprietary Aqara Home program (iOS, Android).

Speaking specifically about the use, it is also smart and has a number of functions available in the application. So, you can set up face recognition so that she knows who to look at at a particular moment.

In this case, the camera will notify the owner that it has fixed a person you know (or not) in your field of vision. At the same time, the gadget is compatible with HomeKit and is displayed in the standard Home application. It is a pity that the feeder does not have such support.


The camera itself captures the dog and notifies of its arrival

Audio can be transferred to and from the camera. That is, you can hear what is happening at home in a sense of time, as well as speak through yourself with other people or your pets.

Also the device recognizes gestures and animals in the animal body. There is a special button for the last implemented application. Here you can, for example, enable tracking of cats and dogs. The camera will automatically pan behind them so you can always see what they are doing at the moment.

This is a smart feeder, so you can control it through the application

We return to the feeder itself. In the Aqara application, you can customize its “behavior” depending on a particular situation.

The application allows you to replenish your life and take care of your pet.

What does the application give:

• Tracking food consumed per day
• creating a feeding schedule
• fast delivery of feed
• setting up the delivery of feed by machines

The most important event, I think, will be the creation random graphics, loss of dog or cat will eat. In it, the time of consumption for the release of nutrients and the number of servings.


One serving contains, on average, about 8 grams of feed. But this value can be changed in the feeders used (used only for statistics, the portion itself is unchanged). Weigh the given portion of feed, enter the indicators into the application. And then you can already expect how much to eat at a time.

Personally, I set 4 servings in the morning, 5 servings in the afternoon and 4 in the evening.

But that’s not all. I mentioned pro-automation above. And here it all depends on your flight of fancy.

For example, you can make 2 options for issuing feed. When you return with a dog with a detour and approach a radius of 99 meters (this is the minimum) in terms of geolocation, the food is poured into a bowl in advance. Or another option – through the camera: she spotted the animal in her field of vision, saw that it approached the feeder – the dispenser dispensed 2 servings of food out of turn. Plus, I sent you a convenient push to your smartphone.

There are many ways, especially in the evaluation with other smart devices, if you have them. Everything depends on you.

This is a great opportunity to take care of your pet.

My dog ​​is enough quickly got used to to the Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1. This is a really useful device that helps you take extra care of your pet.

In connection with the Aqara Camera Hub G3, you can not only dose and give out, helping, for example, to keep a diet, but also to expect the behavior of the animal while you are away from home. You can also adjust their diet.

Plus, the device works with Siri, Alexa, Google, IFTTT. So in general, you can transfer control to voice. We saw through the camera that the dog wants to eat, told Siri to feed it – it’s ready. Comfortable!

Aqara Smart Pet Feeder C1 costs 7990 rubles in Russia. A camera hub will cost 12,990 rubles. The latter can also be a hero as a security system. First of all, this is a camera with an excellent picture, which records sound and video, plus it broadcasts the picture into the reality of time. You will always be aware of what is happening at home.

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