Everyone knows that the Internet exists in almost every moment of our lives, and that it can both benefit and cause serious problems, especially in cyber security. In this context, tracking software.

You tracking software they can be understood as “virus hunters” placed inside mobile phones by someone who wants to spy on our routine and data. In fact, they are nothing more than malicious programs installed by someone who wants to monitor a person’s steps – hence the term FollowerIt can be translated as a person who is obsessively chasing after someone.

Generally, internet users are worried about scams and viruses, but they are unaware of their existence. software spies that can be found on any cell phone. After all, these programs are common sense, because the idea is that the owner of the device does not notice that it is there, mirroring the data.

While installing, tracking software In addition to taking screenshots and playing messages, it continues to collect various information such as the list of calls made, keys pressed. As incredible as it may seem, a spy program can even access a cell phone’s microphone and camera to record conversations.

different from spywareconsisting of adding malicious files to steal data such as bank passwords, tracking software It is used with a function that focuses more on espionage. Therefore, it is often uploaded by jealous spouses and places it on their spouse’s mobile phones.

how do i know if i have one on my cell phone tracking software?

First of all, it is important to know how it is done. tracking software You can stand on your mobile phone. This can happen in two ways: through someone who bought and installed your device, or by downloading apps from the operating system store by the owner of the mobile phone. Therefore, it is very important that you pay attention to the suitability of the applications you install.

Its presence is not easy to detect. tracking software, as it is designed not to be exactly present. But not impossible. An effective strategy is to run a good scan on your mobile phone and check all the apps on it to see if there are any apps you don’t recognize.

However, always remember that both Android and iOS mobile phones have it. applications locals you might not use often. Therefore, the recommendation is that you delete these apps only if you are absolutely sure that they are unknown.

Another idea to use in more extreme cases is to reset the device to its original settings. Thus, you “reset” the mobile phone and erase everything placed on it. It takes a lot more work as you’ll have to reinstall everything, but it should work.

Investing in cybersecurity


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