VK has introduced an update to Messenger – its main feature will be the decoding of video messages. The development of VKontakte itself is responsible for word recognition, three neural networks are involved in the decoding process.

VK introduced an update to “Messenger” with the decoding of video messages

The function of decoding video messages will be available to users of the VKontakte messenger. It was added to the update, which the company released on Friday, July 14.

VKontakte’s own development based on machine learning methods is responsible for word recognition. Decoding involves three neural networks that recognize sounds, separate them from the video stream, form words, and monitor punctuation.

You can decrypt received and sent messages. Searching for decrypted messages is made simple: they can be found using a text search.

The decryption function is available in the web version of VK Messenger and for some users of the application on the Android platform.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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