The developers should not be held responsible for the images created by the Kandinsky neural network: Sberbank expressed this position at a meeting with representatives of the prosecutor’s office, the Vedomosti newspaper reports, citing sources.

The developers of Sberbank and Kandinsky refused to take responsibility for the images created by the neural network.

In particular, they should not be responsible for drawings that may violate Russian law. The same position is fixed in the user agreement on one of the sites where the Kandinsky algorithm is used.

  • The meeting with Sberbank employees was held in connection with the statements of the leader of the Just Russia – For Truth faction in the State Duma, Sergei Mironov. Before, he considered that the images generated by Sberbank’s artificial intelligence algorithms form a “negative image of Russia”.
  • At the end of April, he asked General Prosecutor Igor Krasnov to check that the bank’s activities were in compliance with Kandinsky’s content.

A representative of Sberbank, in response to a request from the publication, said that the neural network is not intended to generate content that could harm other people.

“The model uses a series of advanced filters designed to exclude any form of illegal, unethical or otherwise objectionable use of generative models. To do this, our team is constantly improving the moderation model and methods. We also hope that it is the user himself who is in charge of working with the neural network”, they added.

The source of the post in one of the AI ​​developers points out that currently no company that manages the chat bot (OpenAI or Google) is responsible for issuing information.

At the same time, in the user agreements of the Yandex and ChatGPT Masterpiece application there is a warning that the user himself is responsible for the results.


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Source: RB

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