Pavel Durov published a new post in which he announced the growth of Telegram profitability.

According to him, the messenger has not yet reached the “plus”, but it is “closer to profitability than Twitter and Snap.” Text of the appeal:

Every day, more than 2.5 million new users sign up for Telegram, and earlier this year we surpassed 800 million monthly active users. We are happy and grateful, although this massive growth also means higher storage and bandwidth costs to serve our users.

Luckily, Telegram is very efficient when it comes to spending, and we had a great start to monetization last year. While Telegram is not yet profitable (which would be impossible to achieve in just its second year of monetization), Telegram is closer to being profitable in absolute numbers than its competitors such as Twitter and Snap.

In order to fund Telegram’s excess growth before we hit break even, we’ll be meeting around $270 million worth of Telegram bonds this week as an addition to the bonds available. Once again, we were lucky to invest funds with a stellar reputation.

I personally bought about a quarter of the new Telegram boxes, investing tens of millions in Telegram’s growth. This is approaching the hundreds of millions I’ve been waiting for over the past 10 years to keep Telegram up and running.

Some people buy a house or a plane instead. But I prefer to stay focused on my work without “owning” in any way (well, other than Telegram, some bitcoin and some tokens).

Hundreds of millions of people have subscribed to Telegram because they need an independent messaging platform that will put its users first. My duty – and my life’s work – is to engage in this activity.

Earlier it became known that Telegram began to collect the IP addresses of users without a Premium subscription to display ads.

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