The LG ThinQ product line is a response to the growing demand for smart, connected devices that facilitate and enhance daily activities. Focusing on artificial intelligence, Wi-Fi connectivity and voice command control, LG ThinQ offers a range of high-tech products to enhance your home experience.

Through this line, LG covers various product categories including home appliances, consumer electronics and mobile devices. This diversity gives tech enthusiasts and fans of the brand access to an enhanced experience with practicality and customization in their daily lives.

But how exactly can these products integrate and automate your home? For example, TecMuno has separated some of the most frequently used items in the home so you can browse through its smart features. This is an opportunity to explore how technology can make your home more efficient, connected and smarter.

1. LG VC5 Smart Washer and Dryer 11kg, CV3011WG4A

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Lava e Seca LG VC5 CV3011WG4 has Front opening and Electromechanical control in addition to Touch Panel.

Among the interesting devices that integrate a connected home is this LG washer and dryer, which combines functionality with smart connectivity. AI DD technology detects the weight and texture of fabrics and provides a delicate wash.

Integrating with a home automation ecosystem, it offers greater convenience and convenience as it receives voice commands and can be controlled via the LG ThinQ app.

2. Smart LG VC4 Titanium Washer and Dryer 13kg, CV5013BC4

Image: Lava e Seca Smart LG VC4 Titanium 13kg, CV5013BC4
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Lava e Seca with opening front door has a capacity of 13.0kg washing, 8.0kg drying and 14 washing programs.

For those who want to wash more laundry in one go with the same AI DD technology, LG also has another laundry and drying option. Equipped with ThinQ technology, the VC4 13 kg has the ability to detect fabric textures and adjust basket movements, as well as provide remote control and monitoring.

By integrating it into the smart home, the user is guaranteed a complete washing solution.

3. LG GC-B659BSB Smart Refrigerator, Inverter Bottom Freezer, 451L

Picture: LG GC-B659BSB Smart Refrigerator, Inverter Bottom Freezer, 451 Liters
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With Frost Free, this model has a capacity of 451 Liters, LG Inverse doors with a brushed steel finish, inverter technology and LG ThinQ connectivity.

With its 451 liter capacity and Bottom Freezer Inverter technology, this LG refrigerator offers ample storage space for fresh and frozen food. In addition, inverter technology provides greater energy efficiency and quieter performance.

You can remotely control the refrigerator, set the temperature, monitor energy consumption and even receive open door alerts via the LG ThinQ app, which integrates seamlessly with the smart home.

4. LG Air Conditioner, Dual Inverter Voice 9000, S4-Q09AA31B

Image: LG Air Conditioner, Dual Inverter Voice 9000, S4-Q09AA31B
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With 220 V voltage and type A energy efficiency, this model brings intelligence and economy to daily life. Count on low noise, personal assistant compatible, LG ThinQ, sleep function, timer, shake and more.

Another item worth checking out when building a connected home is this LG air conditioner, which is designed to provide fast and efficient cooling in addition to quiet operation. All this happens thanks to the Dual Inverter technology, which maintains the ideal temperature with low energy consumption.

You can remotely control settings, set work schedules and set temperature via the LG ThinQ app, integrated into the smart home.

5. Smart TV LG 50”, Nano Cell 4K, 50NANO77SRA

Image: Smart TV LG 50'', Nano Cell 4K, 50NANO77SRA
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

See the full colors displayed on the LG NanoCell screen without distortion, even from the tightest angles. HDR10 Pro adjusts image brightness levels frame-by-frame, delivering vivid colors and depth in every detail displayed on the screen.

This LG Smart TV has 4K resolution and Nano Cell technology. Thanks to the webOS operating system and LG ThinQ app support, the user can access various streaming content, remotely control the TV and even connect to other smart devices in your home.

With its large 50-inch screen, it is perfect for living rooms and larger environments. Stylish design and ultra-thin bezels provide an immersive experience, while connectivity with other LG ThinQ smart devices transforms the living room into a connected entertainment space.

6. Smart TV LG 55″, 4K, 55UQ8050

Image: Smart TV LG 55", 4K UHD, 55UQ8050
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Rely on 4K UHD resolution, 60Hz frequency LED display, gaming-optimized panel, WebOs operating system and compatibility with personal assistants and LG THinQ

With 4K resolution, this LG 55″ Smart TV also offers impressive picture quality and smart features for the connected home by offering built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that provides access to a wide variety of online content via the most popular streaming apps.

It can also learn from your viewing habits and offer personalized recommendations, making it easy to find the content you love. It brings your favorite shows, movies and games to life, filling spacious rooms with elegance in terms of design.

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