The long-awaited historical drama Jeanne Dubarry starring Johnny Depp as Louis XV was released in the Russian box office.

The film opens the 76th Cannes Film Festival and there is a real sensation. At the end of the show Hall applauded Johnny Depp sure seven minutes!

We are already processing the novelty, sharing our impressions. We understand whether the film is really so good, or in this way Depp simply had condolences in connection with the identification of a divorce case, the whole world is watching.

We remind you that this is his first role after the famous with Amber Heard, who accompanied the prosecutors in the violence of the actor.

The plot is weak, but it has its advantages.

What is the movie about: The plot tells the story of a young village girl who climbs the social ladder with the help of cunning. This leads to her becoming the favorite of Queen Louis XV, who is unaware of her real status.

The script had great potential. But, unfortunately, the director and actress Maiwenn, who plays the main role, failed to correctly place the accents in the film. Instead of revealing complex phenomena and interesting dramatic twists, the film offers the viewer judicial and predictable plot moves.

According to the plot, the modest appointment of the main character contrasts sharply with the aristocratic environment, which leads to tension in society.

It is due to this film that opposition and deep placement can be drama. But the director, on his own, does not seem to be able to define, enlarge, or juxtapose the aristocracy of the 18th century. The result is a hybrid that does not meet export requirements, due to the unimportant opinion of people who adhere to the opinion of “everyone has his place in this world.”

Moreover, the actress herself unsatisfactory totality and contradictory nature. Her interpretation does not arise, since her modern appearance corresponds to the perfect and cruel reality of the French aristocratic world of those times. The credibility of the natural begins to limp on both legs.

Attempts to add modern feminist statements only reinforce the feeling of inconsistency and unnaturalness.

In addition, Maiwenn is not a fatal beauty, and finding out in Britain’s unexpected passion for a former courtesan absolutely does not work. The question of what exactly caught this woman’s attention remains British and poorly worked out. would have liked to see a more convincing attraction for Jeanne for the monarch.

Depp pulls out a movie of his acting

Unlike many other personalities, where it focuses on the manifestations of crime and external manifestations, “Jeanne Dubarry” pays more attention to the internal motivations and emotions of persons. On this planet, the picture shoots as it should.

Still, Depp did an excellent job of achieving significant success with dramatic multi-faceted manifestations of roles. Remember at least his game in the cult “Cocaine”. Depp with the revealed branching of his representative, who is the king and the problem of man at the same time.

One of the features of Depp’s acting is his penchant for capturing the character’s emotions and moods using popular words. He uses looks, smiles, intonations to maximize his path.

Yes, Depp has aged, yes, he looks very tired and disappointed in life. But he was able to convey the twinkle in the eyes of lovers very convincingly. But, unfortunately, Depp most often showed only one emotion – endless fatigue. Family life is what it is.

The movie is good, but it’s not enough.

Where exactly the painting should be credited is in its beauty. The visual film “Jeanne Dubarry” is impressive: luxurious costumes and scenery are maintained, here masterfully use the locations of Versailles: from halls with mirrors to giant reception rooms.

But, alas, a beautiful picture does not compensate for the lack of degree and meaning in the plot. Movie failed to strike a balance between revealing and interesting gatheringwhich made it very boring and insipid in places.

But with all the beauties of Versailles, some shots sometimes raise questions about the camera work.

Due to poor (natural) lighting on the set, some scenes appeared hazy and dark, which spoiled the overall impression of the pictures. This is especially noticeable in semi-dark rooms, where the camera does not capture clarity and detail. Poor lighting has also affected the acting, which is less legible and less responsive to the dullness of films.

In addition, she also suffers from overuse of voice-overs. Instead of allowing the viewer to see and understand the story through the action of their emotions, the director tells the story through repetitive monologues that tell the story behind the scenes.

Despite interesting ideas and beautiful visualization, the film is clearly not captured by a normal experienced director. Maybe sometimes you should not combine positions?

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